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Hello there.

I'm Shankar, a Product Designer at Asurion. Alumnus of IU HCI/d. I love writing about design and a co-publisher at Monthly Designs. You can also find me on Dribbble, Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter.


• WORK •



Angie's List Pricing Guide

Helping home owners plan and budget home projects.

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Designing a Lead Management Platform

Cohesive lead management system for busy home service professionals.

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Enterprise design at Rackspace

Simplifying workflow for Rackspace admins.


• HCI Capstone project •


Designing a smart house manager

A smart digital manager for homes powered by proactive assistance.


• side project •


Designing a new way to create and edit tables in MS Word

Part of a design challenge that explores table design in Microsoft Word

Monthly Designs –Exploring problems through design

I work with Adhithya on a variety of design problems to learn and explore.




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