Designing a Smart House Manager

Helping people stay organized in their home


Project: HCI Master’s Thesis/Capstone
Target User: Working couples living together
Goal: Designing a smart house manager that assists couples in keeping up with household tasks.
Role: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Research

For busy families where both the members in a couple are working; it is hard to keep up with a variety of activities and tasks related to a home. During my research, I learnt that a lot of home owners made use of spatial visual cues (like notes on the refrigerator) to remind themselves about tasks and other information. I designed a smart system which proactively worked as a house manager to help the family stay productive. 

Concept Video

This short booklet details all the aspects of my thesis including research methods and images of the final design –

Research through Speed Dating Method 

Speed Dating helped me notice how participants reacted to certain concepts. By showing the experience as a story, participants were able to point out where they could and could not relate to the experience.